Check Your Site from around the Globe!

Today is globalization era. It’s not even enough for business to be online – you have to be online around the entire globe. And you have to be sure that your website, translated into all popular languages, is running correctly and displays all elements you put in. No matter where user is located, no matter how high is level of Internet censorship in this country. 

So you have to check website availability and usability from maximum number of points on the globe. If you don’t check website this way, you can meet many unpleasant situations with potential customers… which will remain potential and even switch to your rivals. Just because you don’t check website and don’t notice that some content is unavailable in their country. For example, their government has banned video-hosting like YouTube (or even YouTube itself), where you have uploaded great-selling video about your product. Yep, video is great, but user can’t see it and just see large error message! And it’s your error. Because you had to check website before it happens.

How can you check website availability and usability of all content? The best way to do check website is to use mobile proxy. It’s not enough to use old-fashioned proxy network with stationary servers or basic tools to check website availability that your hosting provider offers. Why? Because this source is very limited, often 2 or even 1 server per country. Results may vary even in two cities of same country! Even more, if we speak about old proxy network, they all are known to local Internet providers and providers don’t like them. They can ban such proxy network entirely or ‘just’ switch on distortion of any data that goes through this proxy network.

Good news that it’s impossible to do such things if you use AirSocks mobile proxy. AirSocks mobile proxy use different technology than old proxy network – we use mobile IP addresses. Same mobile IP addresses that real users with smartphones or other gadgets. No one provider or site owner will ban such addresses – it’s completely insane.

If you use AirSocks mobile proxy, you can do more than just check website availability and usability. You may have same checks for local minor services, mobile apps etc. So mobile proxy‘s importance can’t be overestimated. Mobile proxy makes you sure that your potential customers will see your website the way you want them to. No matter where from. Use AirSocks mobile proxy to check website and be sure that it runs correctly around the entire globe!

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