How Do I Use a Mobile IP in Another City?

Today is very important to be able to have access to website via mobile IP all around the globe. Recently we wrote blog post about why it’s so important in modern global world, and today we’ll talk about technical side – how to connect mobile proxy and check that all works as it has to.

Imagine that you launched eCommerce website with delivery service all around the globe. It’s usual in modern global world, and you have to be sure that any user in any location can see your site correctly via mobile IP.

You have to connect mobile proxy. It’s not enough to use old proxy networks, based on stationary proxy servers. They’ll represent results in local area, no more, often not ever results in whole city. But if you buy mobile proxy by AirSocks, you’ll be able to select nearly any city in the world and check availability and usability of your website from everywhere!

So, that’s what you have to do to get mobile IP in city you want to.

  1. Register/log in to AirSocks

  2. Contact our 24/7/365 Support service and ask to get access to residential network of selected city. 

  3. Go to dashboard, select ‘City’, install and run our AirSocks client. If you do it first time, use manual or ask Support team if necessary.  

  4. Select what-is-my-IP service you like – and you can check your mobile IP in selected city!

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