Mobile proxies in simple language: how they work, how their logic works, what we need to understand in order to use mobile proxies correctly when working in social networks and marketplaces

Mobile proxies: what is the difference between ordinary proxies and back-connect proxies?

How do classic non-mobile proxies work? 

The proxy server uses an external IP address and works with applications and sites through it (not through your real IP). Accordingly, the server you are accessing will identify you by your proxy's IP address.


If you use regular, not mobile proxies, this address will always be the same. What does this mean for a person who advertises something using bots?

 If the anti-spam system finds your account activity suspicious, then your IP will be immediately blocked. This ban will make impossible any interaction with this service from the proxy address at all. Today's spam filters can easily detect bots that use classic proxies.


This is how the anti-spam system works using ordinary, non-mobile proxies:

Does this mean that ordinary, non-mobile proxy is a relic of the past?

Of course, each site and each social network has its own unique methods of countering spam. One way or another, they determine whether a real person makes publications or a robot. Before you create and configure a program, you need to examine the target service, understand how it works in terms of protection against spam. If your program is good at “pretending to be a real person”, the chances of being banned are significantly decreased. Moreover, a situation, that you will be banned before the work is done, is practically impossible.

Backconnect-proxy. What it is? How do mobile proxies work?

Eventually, the answer to these locks should have appeared. Mobile proxies are also called backconnect or rotating proxies. Their main difference is that they use multiple addresses. This technology is completely legally used by mobile operators, they “distribute” proxies to the mobile devices of real users: each operator has only a few thousand IPs for millions of subscribers, which are constantly being rotating between users. By the way, for this reason, the IP addresses, identified as mobile proxies, are being blocked extremely rare: such a ban will inevitably “affect” other innocent people, using services, platforms or social networks through mobile proxy within the rules.

Here's what it looks like:

Mobile proxies are certainly a huge step forward, both in terms of bypassing security systems, and in terms of cost reduction of one IP address.


What do you still need to consider, if you decide to buy mobile proxies?

Firstly, a number of services responded to spam through mobile proxies, by introducing new checks for IP addresses and accounts activity. This includes, for example, a typical session binding to theIP, from which you are logged in, and loyalty of the service to changing the IP address. Therefore, the software used through mobile proxies must be developed in accordance with this check. The success of your work through mobile proxies depends on this factor.

Mobile proxies of the highest category: the best chances to avoid bans

Mobile proxies with backconnect technology use a set of IP addresses owned by a mobile operator - which is why they are often called “proxies for telephone”, as well as proxy channels. The channel is selected according to the optimal route of the user’s request within the time, which the service considers “normal” for changing the IP address when using mobile proxies.

Conventionally, this can be called mobile 4G / LTE standards. Since this is a high-speed technology, mobile proxies should correspond to it. This is a plus for us: if the program rotates the addresses of the proxies at the desired speed, the system recognizes them as requests through the 4G / LTE standard. This means that they will be credible as “human” and get a necessary level of trust. In addition, mobile proxies successfully cope with “operating system fingerprint” checking.

This means that mobile proxies are the best choice for working with social networks and advertising sites. Buying mobile proxies is much more profitable and safer (that is, again, more profitable for you) than buying a huge number of proxy servers of past generations, which are often out of date. Using 4G / LTE mobile proxies, you make your bots almost invulnerable and multiply your profits when working with services that have a mobile application and more than a million users.

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