Mobile proxies: how to avoid banning of the bot and save money and time

Mobile proxies are gaining popularity, and this is not surprising. Social networks and advertising sites are learning how to identify and block bots - along with your money and time spent on them. Mobile proxies, by their very nature, allow you to avoid these losses.

How do mobile proxies work and why is the proxy on the phone today the best solution to protect your bots from being banned?

To answer this question, let us analyze how the protection of social networks and advertising sites from bots is arranged.

Of course, every social network and advertising platform has its own blocking algorithm. However, the principles are the same everywhere:

The protection system must be arranged in such a way that the bots will be banned immediately.

At the same time, it is necessary to completely eliminate the false operaion of the protection system. A real user shouldn’t be banned anyway. This is the main priority: they ban a real person - they lose money.

The foundation of spam protection is the so-called “fingerprint” of the IP address (IP fingerprints). The name reflects the essence: each real user has its own unique characteristics of a computer / smartphone and its settings. For obvious reasons, bots do not have such uniqueness. The fingerprint verification of IP addresses is called “fingerprinting”. Fingerprinting is carried out on three levels:

  • Network level. This is a check for the IP address whether it is not included in various “black lists” of spammers;
  • Program level. An even deeper check of Cookies, display fonts and other system settings;
  • Behavioral level. This is a test of how the account’s activity is similar to the activity of a real user (a very large number of real users).

With the first level, everything is simple. Regular, non-mobile proxies are developed in such a way that they use the addresses of proxy providers or "clouds" for their work. So, a real person can not have such an IP! Has the security system detected this IP? An instant ban, eliminating the possibility of false positives for a real person. In the best case, your “level of trust” will decrease and the level of suspicion of your account will increase.

However, mobile proxies do not have this drawback. The fact is that cellular operators have a small number of proxy addresses - there are thousands of them, moreover, there are millions of people using them. Banning such IPs is not profitable: the system will “affect” real users, and quite a lot of them. This loss will many times exceed the damage caused by the bot’s activity. This is especially true for social networks, which are usually being used via mobile devices (this trend is only growing). Therefore, social networks do not ban mobile IPs.

Thus, mobile proxies help to not only avoid blocking, but also increase the level of trust of your account.

The number of IPs on mobile proxies, which you can use

The number of available IPs is another advantage of mobile proxies. When you buy ordinary, non-mobile proxies, you get a list of addresses that will not change in the future. One ban = one loss of your purchased IP-address forever.

Moreover, because of their small number, mobile proxies are constantly changing. If you buy mobile proxies, you activate the ability to use all the addresses of the mobile operator! When you choose to buy mobile proxies, you receive several thousand IPs in less than a thousand rubles. The change of an IP occurs automatically according to the internal algorithms of the cellular operator, you do not need to spend your time on it.

Mobile proxies: how long do they “live”?

Today ordinary, non-mobile proxies are being banned almost immediately (we have told above about it). You will have to spend time solving this problem instead of doing other things. Mobile proxies do not have this vulnerability.

Identifying the IP Owner

We have already mentioned the “level of trust” to the IP address. This includes determining it by checking who owns the IP - whether it is a person, a company or a data center (“cloud”, etc.). As you already know, ordinary, non-mobile proxies use the IP addresses of data centers - and thus significantly increase their chances of being banned after this check. Mobile proxies use the same IPs as real people do. This means that it will be impossible to detect (and, accordingly, ban) a bot by the IP.

Operating system of normal and mobile proxies

Another parameter of an IP fingerprint is the definition of an operating system at the TCP / IP protocol level — that is, a passive fingerprint (POF).

The point is that ordinary, non-mobile proxies work on the Linux operating system. Can an ordinary person use it? Theoretically, yes. However, the probability of such behavior tends to zero. This OS can’t be used via a mobile device at all. Consequently, the detection of a passive IP Linux fingerprint drastically reduces the level of trust to the account. For the mobile platform, it is practically the same kind of ban as a ban of ordinary, non-mobile proxy.

AIRSOCKS mobile proxies have been developed for mobile operating systems, and this allows to bypass any checks.

Mobile proxies: the price

It may seem that buying mobile proxies from 30 to 120 rubles for an address is more profitable than buying a mobile proxy for 600-700 rubles. But even if you do not take into account the entire vulnerability of ordinary, non-mobile proxies, mobile proxies are much more advantageous in terms of one address. After all, when buying mobile proxies, you buy thousands of IP addresses, so the price of one address is just a ruble or two!

However, the main thing is not even the price. No matter how much the IP costs, think about the third level of verification: behavioral level. Your bot will be banned, if the system realizes that this is a bot. AIRSOCKS mobile proxies behave like real users, and the anti-spam system will not distinguish them from real users. This one factor allows you to receive from the bot many times more profits than when using ordinary, non-mobile proxies. AIRSOCKS allows you to parse, farm and arbitrate easily and safely!

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