Working with mobile proxies: how do social networks and trading platforms distinguish a real user from a bot?

Working through mobile proxies: how do social networks and trading platforms distinguish a real user from a bot?

If you have decided to buy mobile proxies for the first time, most likely your decision is somehow based on working with bots. As you know from our other articles about mobile proxies, what identifies a bot is its inhuman behavior on the web. What do you need to know about the behavior of a real user to minimize the chances of being detected and banned? Let’s take an example with Instagram.

A real user logs in Instagram once in a few hours. During one session, the IP address remains unchanged. The sequence of IP addresses change for a large number of users cannot be the same. This is contrary to the mobile proxies’ logic (many people use the same mobile proxy address, but it is constantly changing) and therefore the anti-spam system will determine inappropriate behavior, for example, if the delays between changing the IP of many accounts from one proxy to the mobile coincide.

The mobile application provides information about itself - the OS fingerprint, the time zone (if it does not match the time zone of the IP address – it is a failure) and other technical information. While working through mobile proxies, it is important to enter this data correctly. Otherwise, the system will consider your account suspicious. When working through mobile proxy, the IP address, of course, is not banned, but an account that behaves “not in a human way” can be easy banned. For example, it is impossible that the information of the User-agent and the OS passive fingerprint do not match. How can a real user (not a bot using mobile proxies) launch Windows browser on operating system with a Linux fingerprint?

IMPORTANT: do not use ordinary, not mobile proxies for working with social networks! The addresses of ordinary, non-mobile proxy belong to data centers, so that a real person cannot use such addresses! Therefore, they can be instantly banned. Use only mobile proxies - their level of trust is the highest among all proxies.

What is important to know when setting up a bot to work through mobile proxies:

A real user logs in Instagram for a couple of minutes. He checks new notifications, scrolls down photos, put likes, comments and then closes the application.

The data specified in the bio must match the data of the IP address. And the time zone too.

The use of proxies or VPNs via Flash, JavaScript, WebRTC shouldn’t be detected.

Do you work with multiple accounts through mobile proxies from one device? Do not forget to clean the Cookies and other system data!

Most people log in Instagram in the evening, between 5 and 9 pm (in their own time zone!).

Proven “natural” subscription model of a real person: subscription + one-three likes. It is important that between these actions there should be from twenty to forty seconds. More than a thousand of actions per day is not recommended.

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