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How do I get a residential IP address?

Airsocks provides software, that enables users of various apps, including third-party ones, to join the peer-to-peer mobile network. This appears to be an attractive alternative to watching ads or paying. The company pays a sum to a web developer and provides quick and secure IT connection for an extensive and rapidly evolving network. 

All customers are free to use a peer’s bandwidth when his or her device is idle or being charged (providing the battery has charged up to at least 65-70%). Peers are free to opt in and out at any time. 

Who can become a legitimate user?

It is mandatory that any orghanization willing to join us has to pass the Know Your Customer test.

Also, everyone who would like to join the community and get a mobile IP address, should fill out a form and submit some personal data, which includes phone number, email, place of residence, preferred payment method, etc.  By signing an agreement, you confirm your intent to use the service on a legal basis. Based on the submitted data, our administration reserves the right to either approve or reject an application. The Airsocks administration does some monitoring to ensure customer’s following of the agreement and not wanting to violate the firm’s or other members’ rights. 

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