We have launched a new service "Multichannel"

What is it?

Each new request / session is sent from a new IP address from the pool of one of the operators.

How much does it cost?

The cost of a multichannel depends on the operator and the requirements for the number of simultaneous sessions.

Minimum number of sessions is 4, this is enough for most tasks.

On average, the cost of a multichannel is $ 40, each additional session costs $ 10

Is it possible to test the service?

Yes, for all our products, we provide a free test.


How to order?

2.  Contact us via support https://t.me/airsocks

I want to test "Multichannel" and specify the email from the registration.

Features of use:

We recommend to check the IP address through:


When checking through the browser, it is necessary to clean the cache and cookies, as well as set the settings.

network.http.keep-alive.timeout = 0 (this is an example for Firefox)

OS Fingerprint Android is installed on the multichannel (Linux 2.2.x-3.x), therefore we always recommend to check the User-Agent (in those cases when it’s necessary).

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