Mobile proxy without blocking

Continue to work while we care about your anonymity!

Available countries: Russia, Ukraine
Available operators: MegaFon, MTS, Beeline, Vodafone, Kyivstar

  • Access to all social networks
  • IP change every 120 seconds
  • Reactive customer support
  • We do not store your logs
  • Test it absolutely free
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Newest protocols

All network
ports are open

Authorization by login:pass
or binding to Your IP.

Unlimited bandwidth!
Using mobile IP!

How often your classic proxies get blocked?

VKontakte, Classmates, Avito, Yula, Facebook, Youtube, and other large services have very well learned to track through normal proxies and now they block user's account much quicker. When you hide something, you will be watched, and then blocked.

It is clear that working through classic proxies every day, becomes less efficient and you have to pay more for additional proxy servers.

4G/LTE proxy reduces the risk of blocking almost to zero

AIRSOCKS uses its own software and hardware development, which will make servers define you as a typical mobile user and that reduces the risk of blocking to almost zero.

In addition, we do not log your traffic and do not disclose any information about the user, in contrast to the usual proxy.

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Our proxies are suitable for everyone

Account Registrars

Register accounts as a typical mobile user without risk to be blocked!

Followers and Likers

Make a huge amount of reposts and likes as a whole community of users!


Send any kind of message to any messenger, social network or email. Everyone already does it!


Do you work with search results, posts or there is a risk of blocking? Continue to do your work without worrying about blocking!


Worried about your privacy? Get blocked on desired social network?
Make your presence on the network anonymous for everyone!

Software Developers

Do you use automation tools for SEO, promoting your product or private software?, SEO and posting using different software? We can help to protect your anonymity!

What will you get by trying our proxy


All proxies are under our control and we can guarantee trouble-free operation.

A lot of traffic

You can pass through our proxy at up to 25 Gb of traffic daily.


We do not log your traffic and we are NOT associated with botnets or other illegal proxy vendors. We are completely legal!

Lightning fast support

We are always available in telegram chat or mail.
We answer your questions usually within 10-15 minutes.

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up to 2 Mbit
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Try it now for FREE!
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Our services are unique and do not compare with classic proxies, please consult with a support specialist!

PROXY-Channel - Software and hardware complex with one auto-renewed IP address at one time

No mutual influence of users on each other (speed drops, actions in one service)

Have questions? Need individual conditions? Contact us at [email protected]

Frequently asked Questions

I buy thousands of proxy lists. How many addresses do I need to order from you?

There are about 7.5 billion people in the world, there are 4.5 billion IPv4, OSS (Cellular Operators), for example, in Moscow there are about 3000 unique IPv4 addresses. Imagine how many subscribers have OSS, how many of them use services like instagram at the moment? OSS uses NAT technology, i.e. Under one external address there are hundreds of thousands of users. The intragram determines abnormal activity by other methods for mobile operators. If you do not know what your traffic is and what you choose, we will gladly analyze the activity together with you and offer you a fare.

Why should I answer huge questions to gain access to the test?

We try to provide the maximum benefit for you and for us, to provide you with a quality choice and to understand where it is more efficient to connect you. For this it is necessary to answer honestly the questions of the questionnaire. We often conduct questionnaires to hear our customers and adapt the service for you!

Are there discounts for large orders?

Yes. We are ready to discuss the terms of cooperation individually. To do this, leave an application or email us at [email protected]

Our partners

Compensation in case of service failure

The constant monitoring of the serviceability of the AIRSOCKS service on our part ensures its stability and reliability. If the service does not work through our fault, we quickly solve the problem, and our customers are compensated for idle time.