Big Data – it becomes even more big right now

If you follow IT news – at least barely – you have to know about scrapping Big Data. Today it’s been used not only by commercial sector, but even by  oliticians. And trend is clear – Big Data will become more and more valuable for all of them.

Politicians use Big Data to analyze thoughts of their electors. If you know thoughts of your electors, you know what to promise them to be elected. So many words have been spoken about ‘Russian hackers’ and their participation in Trump’s win, but reality is even more interesting than story about ‘Kremlin hand’. Politicians use Big Data to reveal how to win. Trump used this in 2016. Right now in Ukraine mr. Zelensky, who is new in politics, achieved a major victory at 1 st stage of presidential elections by same way. Using Big Data, he spent less $ to enlist one vote than all other candidates.

Today it’s no secret how social media can be useful for state. Big Data can reveal really all thoughts of people. It can prevent protests and riots, it can make people more satisfied in simple way – if you know people’s urgent needs, it’s much easier to satisfy them. And this Big Data is being collected 24/7. Even in

Russia state propaganda in social media has been changed. Old-fashioned and template-styled massive comments about foreign policy, ‘how good our good boys and how bad their bad boys’, low-level and extremely easy to spot, are gone or about to gone. Russian authorities have analyzed Big Data and revealed that people care much more about everyday city life. As result of this Big Data analysis, now we can see lots of positive news about development of transport, healthcare, education, social services etc. And this new Big Data based strategy works. 

So how it works technically? How politics use Big Data to achieve success?

To collect and analyze Big Data, you need data collection services. They simply request social networks’ APIs. But this Big Data can be corrupted or blocked. So they also watch personal blogs, comments in media articles etc. All these sources know it and don’t like it, so data collection service has to hide it’s activity. How to do it? Use proxy networks like AirSocks

Proxy networks like AirSocks use mobile IPs to work. These proxy networks operate on a peer-to-peer basis, so they simply don’t need central server. This makes them unidentified and they can collect Big Data without risk of being spotted. 

But it works for common people too. If you don’t like that Big Bro is watching you 24/7, you can simply buy Airsocks mobile proxy for yourself. Big Data collector will see your mobile IP, recognize it as foreign and lose any interest on you.

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