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Check data for accuracy using mobile IP connection

If you use data center IPs, there is a greater chance of a website to identify you as a bot. Once it does, it either blocks or cloaks you. The latter means that it directs you to another site without your knowledge. Your requests are very easy to identify, because IPs may be from the same subnet or be marked as belonging to registered data centers. These IPs provide a good cover-up, so you will not get blocked or cloaked. Airsocks provides access to millions of mobile devices around the globe.

Safe Advertising

You can view ads just like a real mobile device user. Run your own ad campaign and protect yourself against any type of fraud.

Price Comparison

This type of connection will help you circumvent price discrimination, so no one is going to mislead or block you. Now you are free to compare prices for particular goods of services, which may differ according to users’ geographic location, type of device, and other characteristics.  Mobile proxy prices are quite affordable.

Website Functioning

Use proxy 3G to evaluate a website’s performance.

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