What is the advantage of mobile proxies?

Due to the fact that millions of mobile phone users use mobile IP addresses, and there are only a few thousand mobile operator’s IP addresses, IP address checking systems are viewed with a high degree of trust to such addresses. If they lower trust or block such addresses, tens thousands of innocent users will be affected.

Hiding the usual users in a crowd with a mobile address is the key advantage of a mobile proxy.

However, you should not forget that while using mobile proxies, it is necessary to follow the algorithms of actions similar to the actions of a real user. Besides, use the right software, which changes the user-agent to mobile and corresponding Passive OS Fingerprint (POF).

The relevance of using mobile proxies is very high on sites with a large mobile audience.


I buy thousands of proxy lists. How many addresses do I need to order from you?

There are about 7.5 billion people in the world but Cellular Communication Operators (CCO) provide only 4.5 billion IPv4. For example, in Moscow there are about 3000 unique IPv4 addresses.

Imagine, how many subscribers CCO have and how many of them use services like Instagram right now. Cellular Operators use NAT technology, i.e. under one external address go hundreds of thousands of users. Instagram determines abnormal activity by other methods for mobile operators.

If you do not know what traffic you have, and what to choose, we will be happy to analyze the activity together with you and offer a suitable tariff.

Why should I answer questions in a huge form in order to get access to the test?

We try to ensure the maximum benefit for both you and us. Besides, provide you with a quality choice and most effective connection.

To do this, you must answer honestly to the questions of the questionnaire. We often conduct surveys to hear our customers and adapt the service for you!

Do you offer discounts on large orders?

Yes. We are ready to discuss the terms of cooperation individually. To do this, leave a request or contact us via email: help@airsocks.in

Why is your service unique?

Mobile addresses reduce risks of being blocked, because mobile operators have few addresses and many users.

What is the difference between an individual channel and a shared / private channel?

  • The private channel is made only for one user, hardware + software.
  • The private channel has no speed limits, except OCC restrictions.
  • The private channel has no restrictions on connections, except OCC restrictions.
  • On the private channel you can order any address change interval or change the address by calling an API
  • Private channels are of two types: with waiting when changing the address (20-40 seconds), in this case, during the process of changing the proxy is not available
  • without waiting for an address change
  • On private channels, in contrast to shared, the only user is you.
  • On shared channels, the speed is limited to 1.5-2 Mbit / s.
  • On shared channels, there are tcp connection restrictions (default 50).
  • If a "greedy" user connects to a shared channel, he begins to disturb other users.


(It is impossible to register 1000 accounts that won’t be banned the next day for $10/month).

Aren’t you an ordinary proxy server?

We are a backconnect proxy. During the input you have one address that does not change and during the output they change every 10 or 2 minutes.

What is backconnect (rotating proxy)?

You are given one address (channel) to which you or your software is connected, every N minutes the output address changes (within the mobile operator and geography).

Does my external IP change every N minutes?

Yes, you do not change anything in the software, only the external IP changes.

What are parallel connections to the channel?

Parallel connections to the channel are parallel tcp connections through one backconnect proxy.

Where can I get proxy lists?

The list of available proxies will be displayed in your account in various formats.

If I specify this channel in several softwares, the output IP will be the same in all?

Yes, within N minutes.


Are they unique every day or can repeat, for example, as the day before yesterday or a week ago?

They can be repeated. However, they are mobile and you need to consider this. Unique mobile addresses are not needed.

How can I pay?

Payment through account at the rate of the Central Bank of the Russian Federation on the day of purchase excluding commissions of payment systems.

We accept bankcards, qiwi, bitcoin and other payment systems.


Is it possible to use your proxies in promotion programs (for example, socialkit)?

It is possible (even necessary) to use in promotion programs.

What do your proxies look like?

We have backconnect proxies, i.e. we give you the address of the form IP: PORT (or LOGIN / PASS + IP / PORT), the output address that sees the social network changes every specific time interval, while the address belongs all the time to one mobile operator.

How to record them in the program?

It depends. Contact us via telegram if after the testing something doesn’t work.

How many proxies are used for 1 account (for example, Instagram)?

It is better to use one channel for one account, however you can use multiple accounts on one channel.

Alternate different channels on the account is not recommended, because one channel is one operator and one city. If you have a group of channels with one city, then you can alternate them.

Every 10 minutes the IP changes, but, let's say, during 10 minutes I haven’t completed 50 subscriptions for 1 account, then the IP will change. Can I work with another IP with the same account?

It is possible with the same operator / city.

How many accounts can be used for one channel at a time? How many accounts on one IP simultaneously?

If your software does not show you or your account behavior in the network, then the limit will be only in speed.

Are your proxies suitable for zennoposter?

Perfectly fits! We have many clients of zennoposter.

How to find out your IP address?

It is necessary on a computer or server from which you plan to use a proxy visit https://whoer.net or https://2ip.ru

What to do if I have a dynamic IP?

Use login and password authentication. Please specify the proxy format with authorization from your software developers.

How to setup proxy settings in the browser? How to connect from a local PC?


Is port 25 open?

Yes, it’s open.

Are Qiwi and Paypal available via a proxy?

No, they are not available, as well as banking systems. We are against illegal activity.


Spam on social networks, is it welcomed?

At your discretion, we are not responsible for blocking accounts.

If you have bought a proxy for spam, deal with your schemes yourself. We don’t return the funds if the reason for the return is blocking for spam.

Social networks have the most advanced anti-spam protection. Many users are not aware of text randomization, crooked links or image pixilization, user-agents, limits or the origin of accounts that are used. So, their accounts are being blocked. If this happens, then there are mistakes in your work. Unfortunately, there is no possibility to deal with each individual situation. What worked a few months ago, may not be relevant today. MassInviting and MassLaiking don’t apply to spam.


How long does it take to issue a proxy after the payment?

Up to 1 hour, usually within 10 minutes.

What is the minimum rental term for a proxy?

2 weeks

What is the proxy format?

Proxies are in HTTPs and SOCKS5 formats - these formats currently support almost any software.

The authorization of a proxy occurs by login and password, or by IP.

Available formats for popular apps, such as ZennoPoster.


Why I should use 50 private channels, if one already has a lot of addresses?

When using shared channels, other users on the channel may discredit you, since they may have less competence. In this case, everyone will suffer.

The speed and number of parallel connections (on shared proxies) is limited to 2 Mbit and 50 connections (for base tariff).

Managing a change of external address on a shared channel is not possible (you can change on a private one via a GET request).

Proxies slow down or don’t work properly. What to do?

Maybe there is a speed limit or there are parallel network tcp connections (this has nothing to do with parallel streams in the software). Contact the support, if you have such a problem.

If you need faster speed (on shared channels it is up to 2 Mbit), then try private channels.

One stream in the software can create from 1 to 30 connections through a proxy, depending on the software and the service you use. By default, this limit is 50 per channel on shared channels. If that isn’t enough you must use another tariff.

When changing the external address there can be a “hanging”, because packages from the software left one address, and there is nowhere to return. Software should be able to work with dynamic proxies.

What are the best operators?

It depends on the task, we recommend Megafon and MTS for speed, Tele2 / Rostelecom has a rather large pool of addresses. Beeline also has a separate pool. So test and choose!

Are your proxies suitable for working with Instagram?

YES! Our clients trust us and work on Instagram across all business lines. For large orders of private dynamic proxies, we can provide discounts.


If your proxies change, then what should we put in the base? I haven't used mobile proxies yet.

As with any backconnect proxy, the addresses to which you connect (input) do not change (remain the same after ordering and until the tariff changes). Proxies are dynamic, this means that the output addresses change and you can check the external address on various resources such as 2ip or whoer.


How does Instagram relate to the fact that there is a frequent change of IP?

One account should not change the addresses frequently, so the account change must be adapted to the address change on the channel. (This can be done by software developers.)  Account - address - channel, this is the logic that you should think out yourself.

For a regular mobile phone user, the IP address changes only when the signal is lost, i.e. for example in a tunnel or subway. It is necessary to take into account how much time a day and at what time you use Instagram (yes, Instagram takes into account the time zone of the address) and all the factors that were listed at the beginning of this article.


How many proxies are used for 1 account (for example, Instagram)?

It is better to use one channel for one account, however you can use multiple accounts on one channel.

Alternate different channels on the account is not recommended, because one channel is one operator and one city. If you have a group of channels with one city, then you can alternate them.

What is the difference between public and private channels?

On private channels, the addresses change according to a timer and if someone else on this channel works with Instagram (for example), with the wrong software logic, Instagram can “notice” everyone and every user will get a ban. However, it is unknown and not accurate. Therefore, we have customers, owners of massliking services who buy both shared and private channels.

How does the API work? Can it be used for changing addresses at any time?

Yes, you can call the link and change the external address exactly when you need it. No more than 30-60 seconds on private channels. On shared API channels you can’t do this. The same is about changing passive os fingerprint.

How to try a testing version?

Just leave an application for free testing on the site, you will get an access via the mail.

Check the SPAM directory.

How many accounts can be used for one channel at a time? How many accounts on one IP simultaneously?

If your software does not show you or your account behavior in the network, then the limit will be only in speed.

How to disable the authentication request?

You can authenticate by IP, if you have a static IP.

Or use a software that supports a proxy with a login and password, for example, proxifier.

Is there a possibility of buying USA proxies and proxies of other countries?

Now only mobile proxies of the Russian Federation are available, it is possible that France proxies will appear soon. Soon we will launch a new project astroproxy. There we will offer various options for the geo-distribution of proxies. Follow the news and updates on our channel AIRSOCKS - MOBILE PROXIES OFFICIAL.


Do you have an affiliate program? Can I sell your proxies? How can I make money with you?

We have an affiliate program, register in the system and buy a proxy, or contact the support to get the affiliate status. Affiliate link will be available in your account.


Payment rules:

1. Payment on QIWI on request to support.

2. 10% of referrals (from the first purchase).

Do you have other sites or any other contacts?

Beware of fakes, all our contacts can be found only on our official website: https://airsocks.in

Our support in telegram: https://tlgg.ru/AirSupport_bot

Telegram channel: https://t.me/airsocks_ch

Facebook: https://m.me/1877490559190246

Blog about Arbitration and Traffic: https://vk.com/airsocksblog

Now we have only one site https://airsocks.in, we are working on the project owlbay: https://astroproxy.com

What are parallel connections to the channel?

Parallel connections to the channel are parallel tcp connections through one backconnect proxy.

What is the minimum interval for changing the IP address?

On shared channels, it is 2 minutes, but on private channels, there is an opportunity to make an interval of 30-40 seconds.

Is it possible to use your proxies in promotion programs (for example, socialkit)?

It is possible (even necessary) to use in promotion programs.


How can I test a private channel?

Contact the support https://tlgg.ru/AirSupport_bot

How can I get quick answers?

Contact us via telegram: https://tlgg.ru/AirSupport_bot

These are the most popular questions. The database of questions and answers is constantly being updated and it is possible that soon there will be another part with questions and answers. Check Telegram channel: https://t.me/airsocks_ch

Which is better to choose a proxy channel: public or private? How many accounts is enough?

We recommend buying a private proxy channel. However, shared channels also cope with various tasks. The main difference between shared channels and private channels is that proxies from a shared channel are available for multiple users. Thus, your mass actions, for example, liking can intersect with the same actions of other subscribers, which can significantly reduce the effectiveness of completing the task, even in a sparing mode.

The number of simultaneously running accounts on one proxy channel will largely depend on the task settings and how often the terminal IP of the mobile operator changes. The less number of likes is put, the bigger number of simultaneously working accounts can be used on one proxy channel. At the same time, the more often the external IP of the proxy channel changes, the more likes can be put from different accounts working in parallel.


How safe is it to use the scheme with mobile proxies for subscriptions, likes and other tasks? After all, in many articles it is said that the IP should not be often changed.

When it comes to the IP of mobile operators, the general rules here stop working. All because of the special trust of these IPs. Social networks "know" that millions of users connect through several thousand IP of mobile operators. That is why sanction algorithms have amendments when the work goes through the IP of mobile operators. Even if actions that can be classified as spam are being performed.

According to our experience, the change of various mobile operators can only lead to a request for verification and not in all cases. Much depends on how good the story of the Instagram account itself is. If we talk about changing the IP within the network of the mobile operator, then it is absolutely safe. Even if this happens often enough.

However, it should be taken into account that the real user’s address changes only in case of failure of the network or transition from 3G-4G mode and back. As a rule, during an Instagram viewing session, this does not occur, respectively, you need to change accounts along with the address change, so that during one session the address does not change.


Why are there bugs while working with mobile proxies? How to fix it?

Nothing wrong with that. It doesn’t need to be fixed. This is because mobile proxy / backconnect proxy constantly changes the external IP.

At the time of its change there is a short disconnection. If at that moment any request is being executed, it will either be interrupted abnormally or end with an error. SocialKit indicates about it, transferring the corresponding tasks into short service time-outs. Such timeouts can even be considered useful, as described above, because the moment when a service timeout works depends on a sufficiently large number of random processes, which greatly increases the randomization factor.

Accounts still go to the spam block

This may indicate that the spam block is not given to a bunch of "account <-> proxy", but for too many actions performed (likes, subscriptions, etc.). It may also mean that the trust of accounts has become too low. Give your accounts a few days rest, then change the device's technical data again, disable the proxy or use mobile proxy channels (see the second case above) and try specifying the “problem” for an account from the relevant “problem” group. If the situation has not changed, then it is better to leave these accounts for a long time and buy others with a good trust.

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