Mobile and Datacenter Proxies

Mobile and Datacenter Proxies


Everyone who has faced the need of using a proxy connection knows what a classic datacenter proxy is. To start with, a proxy is an intermediary server, which lets through traffic going from the user’s to the target device via a proxy server and back to the user’s device. Proxies mask users’ real IP addresses behind proxy IP addresses. This helps users, who run their online campaigns (for example, SMM) and rely on proxies, to achieve maximum security and privacy. There are different types of proxies, and they differ in effectiveness and price.

Datacenter proxies

Datacenter proxy servers belong to and are assigned to users by datacenters. Once you purchase a datacenter proxy, you get a single IP address, which does not change. Websites see this IP address when you visit them, as well as the user’s time zone, digital footprints and some other data.  Therefore, the slightest suspicion of undesirable activity on your part will prompt the target website to ban you almost immediately. The most common activities, which websites regard as undesirable and suspicious are:

  • Frequently changing IP addresses
  • Digital footprints not matching the type of a user’s device
  • App time zone not matching that of the IP address
  • Running more than one account from the same IP address

Just a little sign of these activities can be a good reason for a website to block your IP address or account and nip your project in the bud.

Websites have learnt to distinguish between types of proxies, and they are good at telling datacenter proxies from other types of proxies. Many websites have black lists of datacenter IPs and scrutinize every new address they see. Some consider a mere fact of seeing a datacenter IP a plausible reason to block it right away.

Datacenter proxies’ biggest and only pluses are low prices and availability. However, you will need to pay every time you need to unblock your IP. Therefore, the advantages won’t hold a candle to the disadvantages, as long as there are better alternatives out there.

Mobile proxies

Mobile proxies have the same function as datacenter, residential and other ones: letting data pass through themselves from users to target servers and vice versa. Actually, a mobile proxy is a mobile device – a cell phone, smartphone or tablet, which is owned by a real person and acts as a middleman, as it forwards and returns data traveling between your device and the Internet. IP addresses are provided by mobile operators, not datacenters.

A mobile proxy server has its own IP address, behind which your real IP address will be hidden once you connect to it. This IP (IPv4) address can provide connection for scores of other users, as there are a much smaller number of available whitelist IPv4 addresses than there are users. The NAT technology has proved to be an excellent way to compensate for the lack of IPv4 addresses. Even though the activity of IP addresses appears to be very high, websites do not block these addresses, because they know that they belong to real users. They see authentic digital footprints correct time zones.  Even if they do detect signs of suspicious activity, they do not ban these IPs, or they’d lose a large pool of users and therefore, run short of traffic.

Mobile proxy networks, such as AIRSOCKS, operate in a number of countries and have large pools of these mobile IP addresses. Once you sign up with AIRSOCKS, you can select an appropriate channel. It will contain a number of settings, which will provide you due security. For example, you can set your channel to connect you to a new mobile IPs at a certain interval of time. Also, there are backconnect mobile proxies, which are rotated automatically as you go offline and online.

Why connect to a mobile proxy

IP addresses change too quickly, and websites simply don’t have the time to trace them. This creates an additional level of security, which helps you prevent your data from falling into the wrong hands.

As websites trust mobile IPs, you can be sure that you are not getting blocked even if you are running a massive SMM campaign with multiple accounts. All your activities will look absolutely real and essential.

These pave the way for quite a number of goodies, such as:

  • Overcoming geo-restrictions and access resources, which are blocked in your area. You simply connect to a mobile proxy server located in a country, where your favorite websites are not blocked.
  • Parsing and scraping websites without fear of blockages: websites will not be able to trace your activities.
  • Mobile proxies are ideal for posting content on multiple accounts and running targeted and context advertising, SMM and SEO campaigns.
  • Avoiding price discrimination and investigating true prices, which companies could have inflated deliberately for residents of your country.
  • No annoying captchas. Mobile proxies’ IP addresses are true and clear of any suspicious factors, so you won’t need to type in captchas every time you visit a website.
  • Protecting your corporate, confidential and private information. Your ever-changing IP addresses and data will not fall into the hands of any restrictive or oppressive authorities and therefore will not be used against you in any way.
  • Protecting cookies against onlookers. Mobile proxies do not share users’ cookies with anyone, so third parties will not be able to trace your browsing activity. They keep cache to themselves too and therefore ensure speedy and stable connection.

These activities are hardly feasible with datacenter proxies, as you will get banned before you actually make your first steps toward getting your project up and running.

Get your mobile proxy with AIRSOCKS

If you would like to connect to a mobile proxy, sign up with AIRSOCKS and select a channel. There is a free trial version as well, so you can use it for a limited period of time for free and ensure that it suits your goals and needs.

AIRSOCKS is a service of mobile proxies located in Russia, Ukraine, some EU countries (Lithuania), Great Britain and the USA. The team will connect you to a mobile proxy server located in any of these countries. We monitor connections around the clock to set up an uninterrupted and stable connection.

All our customers get quick and effective technical support. You can address an AIRSOCKS agent any time to change settings or report an issue. Our qualified team will take immediate steps to solve problems and answer any questions concerning mobile proxies and related subjects.

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