Mobile IPs: Cheap and Affordable

Simple calculation

Let’s say, your company needs to send 1000 HTTP requests to a target website. Every time you do, you run a scrap code through the server. The website will not handle more than 50 requests per minute coming in from the same IP address. Once you exceed the limit, the website will identify your IP and block your or cloak you. This happens because every your activity is monitored from an IP data center. You can choose to buy extra proxies.

What about IP data centers?

Well, you may want to use a handful of proxies instead of sharing IPs, to scrape the website. Now you need to set up a connection between the scraper and the proxy for 2 hours and launch the scraper. With this kind of IP access, it will take several days for the website to identify you, so you can buy a bit of time. Once the website detects and recognizes your IPs, you will need to buy new ones and go all over the procedure again. Every day, you need to take steps to ensure you have not been detected.

Here is some data from real users concerning the costs of different options:

  • You pay $500 for 200 dedicated servers;

  • You pay $3 each month for 14.5GB (1000 requests x 20KB х 24 hours х 30 days);

  • Three hours of integration and proxy management will cost you $900 each month.

These costs alone total $1400 per month, and this can be extortionate with a salary of around $30 each day. On top of that, the target website may detect your activity when you least expect. Prior to blocking you, it could have fed you tons of misleading information. With this option, you are going to have to face difficulties almost every week. Needless to say, this will prevent your project from working properly and will not be good for your income or reputation. In this situation, mobile IP access can help you a lot.

Airsocks and mobile IPs:

You can purchase a 40GB package and use mobile IPs. You spend about 2 hours to set up and integrate your scraper. Now you have a choice of millions of mobile IPs, which are available worldwide without fearing being identified. This will free you from checking your proxies every day, so you can do other businesses.

Airsocks provides decent bandwidth and access to a huge number of mobile IPs, and this does not feel extortionate at all. Thanks to a stable connection, the exchange of information is not interrupted every few days, and all requests are successful. Your project works nonstop, and you get a lot more than you give.

If you need a bit of time off, you can take a break at any time and save some money. To start with, Airsockscan provide $5 of free traffic and see the advantages of using the service. Join the mobile network and get whatever information you need from the target website right now!

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