Mobile Proxy Users

Mobile Proxy Users

General Information

Mobile proxies are increasingly popular and are putting great pressure on datacenter proxies. This is happening because static datacenter proxies cannot provide the security and anonymity, which dynamic mobile proxies can offer. Although both play the same role, they work in different ways.

Datacenter proxies provide connections via IPs, which belong to datacenters. A user connects to the Internet via this IP address to mask his or her real IP address. It works, but only for a little while, because a datacenter IP address assigned to a single user does not change over time. It does not take a lot of time or effort for Google, Facebook, Avito, etc., to identify such an IP address and block it. Users have to pay for every new datacenter IP they to maintain anonymity and keep their online projects running. This can be extortionate and time-taking.

Mobile proxies do the same thing: they mask users’ real IP addresses behind their own. These new IP addresses are provided by mobile network operators, not by ISPs or datacenters. A mobile proxy is a regular mobile device (a tablet, smartphone, etc.) owned by a regular user, connected to a particular mobile network operator and registered with a mobile proxy network (e. g. AIRSOCKS).

Unlike static datacenter proxies, dynamic mobile proxies change IPs as users are automatically switched between proxies at a set interval of time or every time they go online (backconnect proxies). For this reason, websites cannot trace them. Finally, because mobile proxies belong to real users, these IPs look absolutely true and trustworthy to websites. They are suitable for several purposes.

The most common uses

  • Social media marketing (SMM). In order to promote goods and services via social media and search engines, you have to run several accounts on Instagram, Facebook, Google, etc., so you can gain a bigger target audience over a little while. This is against their rules, so once they find out you are running more than one account, your static IP address does not match OS fingerprints, time zone, etc., they will block you. However, if you use dynamic mobile proxies, everything will look real and legitimate to them, so you can run your campaign without a hitch.
  • Brand protection. With the help of mobile proxies, you can do incognito checks of potentially fraudulent websites suspected of unsanctioned access to confidential and copyright information. Mobile proxies allow you to visit these websites, secretly trace their activities, collect respective data and develop strategies of countering these activities and protecting your brand and income. Although these unethical websites are savvy enough in blocking unwanted visitors, they cannot ban you in any way.
  • Ad verification. Mobile proxies are trusted by advertisers, who need to run effective ad campaigns and ensure that their ads are placed on the right platform in the right fashion and reach the right audience. They need to verify that they are dealing with a conscientious and ethical publisher, not a fraudster. Failure to do so can result in the appearance of ads near unsuitable or abusive context of its landing on a page of a fake or fraudulent website. This would entail serious reputational and financial losses. A mobile proxy can help you check the publisher several times prior to placing an ad on the site without revealing your identity to it. In turn, publishers can take advantage of a mobile proxy to verify that all ads they accept on their websites are trustworthy and come from reputable advertisers.
  • Price comparison. Thanks to the high anonymity, a mobile proxy can be regarded as integral element of a price comparison process. If you are selling goods and services, you need to outline a respective pricing policy. A mobile proxy will allow you to browse your competitors’ websites and check prices for similar goods and services without getting blocked by these sites. With this information at hand, you can ensure that your prices will be more competitive and you will get the upper hand of your competitors. Likewise, you can find out true prices (for example, for tickets), as some companies discriminate buyers based on geographic location. For example, if you access a site from an IP address located in your country and then from one located in its home country, you may find that the prices differ greatly and not for your benefit.
  • SEO audits. As you check your SEO ranking, you have to scrape and crawl search engines’ and your competitors’ pages. If you use one IP only or use a static datacenter proxy, you are bound to get blocked before you pick up enough data for your project. It is hardly possible to stay unnoticed as you do keyword research, content analysis, SEO rank tracking, etc., while relying on just one IP address. Mobile proxies are ideal for measuring your keyword ranking and traffic progress, as you connect via a new and real IP address every next time you scrape a search engine for your results.

Why don’t websites block mobile IPs?

Some people wonder: how come websites do not block mobile IPs even though user activity is going over the top? There is a good reason for them not to do so. Mobile proxy networks, such as AIRSOCKS, rely on the NAT (Network Address Translation) technology. In fact, there are a limited number of available IPv4 addresses, and they can be assigned to a relatively small number of users. However, hundreds of users can connect to a single IPv4 address, and websites cannot see these multiple addresses – they only see the IPv4 address. Therefore, even if an admin does suspect a bot, he or she will disregard it. Blocking an IPv4 because of just one little bot would mean losing a whole pool of audience overnight. It is not really worth it. Therefore, if you have connected to a mobile IP, you are free to do any of the activities described above (within the bounds of reason!)


AIRSOCKS tailors its services to the needs of modern community and provides best quality mobile proxy connections. We have built a strong community, which grows every year. The company operates in a dozen of countries of Europe and the United States, and there are more to come. We offer the best price/quality ratio and provide technical support 24/7 via Telegram and Skype. You can try the bunch of services for free and choose the most appropriate settings that suit your goals. Most important, AIRSOCKS does not log users’ data or share it with third parties. We take great care about your security and comfort!

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